My healing work began in 1996 when two mystifying dreams led me to a shaman who told me that these dreams were an initiation and that my life was about to change. Six months later, my father was diagnosed with cancer and my life was forever altered. What began as an attempt to help my father heal his disease became the realization of the purpose that I had been searching for my whole life.

In 2002, I enrolled in the IM School of Healing Arts in New York City where I studied and later taught with my mentor, Levent Bolukbasi. The three-year curriculum at the IM School allowed me to dive deeply into energetic healing and to explore my own potential as a healer. My time at the school was simultaneously one of the most loving and challenging experiences I have ever had; I was invited every day to speak my truth, to find my center, and to love myself – all of which felt completely impossible when I entered the first-year class. Within the safe challenge of the community I began to trust my intuitive abilities and I learned how to work with my healing gifts.

Following my time at the IM School, I have continued to work with healers who have helped me utilize my intuitive gifts and gently guide my clients to uncover and release the energetic blocks that cause them discomfort. Most recently, my work with David Elliott and his two-part Pranayama breath meditation has been a beautiful next-step in my own healing and in the work that I offer my clients in their personal process.

I love what I do! Each day I grow more present and better able to find humor and hope, self-love and laughter in my crazy-beautiful life.

Professionally, I am co-owner of The Dynamic Self, an organization dedicated to helping people heal through relationship and find their way into self-love. I facilitate a bi-monthly process group and maintain a private practice for individuals and couples in Western Connecticut and Upstate New York.