Private Session

A private session is a way to begin - or dive more deeply - into your personal healing work. At the start of your session we will spend time talking about what is happening in your life and identify what blocks or false beliefs are active. Sessions incorporate breathwork, energy work, love and laughter to help you release tension and relax into wholeness and health. Private healing sessions can be either 60 or 90 minutes long.

Meditation Class

Join me for an evening of guided meditation that will help you relax, quiet your mind, feel nurtured and find more energy for the life you want to lead. Classes meet every other week for 2 hours. Please contact me to find out the location of the next meditation class.



Breathwork is a simple, yet profound, technique that helps you to clear stuck energy and feel your Spirit. The easy, rhythmic breathing can be learned in a matter of minutes and can help release both physical discomfort and deep emotion. As the body relaxes and the heavy emotions begin to move, this healing breath allows the breather to experience their light, joy, and love. The power of this practice is heightened in a group. Group sessions run for 2 hours. Private Breathwork sessions are also available upon request.

Group Session

Group work is a powerful tool in the healing process. Within the safe container created by the group you are invited to find the places where you hold back from, defend against, and open into relationship. Group sessions take place every other week for 3 hours. Please contact me to find out about the next group meeting.